Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Hello my lovely readers,

Isn't there one part of the day that everyone looks forward to?? It could be reading a book, enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, or watching your favorite T.V. shows. My favorite part of the day is when I exercise. I try to do something active every single day whether it be as intense as a Spinning class or relaxing as yoga/Pilates. Today, my workout will start with Spinning. I looooooove Spinning. I began Spinning my junior year of high school and have been doing it at least four times a week since. I have recently become an instructor and recommend it for people who want a low impact form of cardio that will not put a lot of stress on the knees.

 Feeling the burn after a great spin class...but this is bad posture on the bike.

The next part of my workout is weights. I tend to do upper body and lower body on separate days. In order  of keep my metabolism revved up, it's important for me to lift on a regular basis, but also, take rest days so my muscles can recover. My favorite workout clothes come from lululemon. Lululemon makes stylish workout clothes that accentuate one's figure instead of hiding in baggy sweatpants and shirts. Also, if a seam comes loose on the article of clothing or their pants need to be hemmed, lululemon will replace or hem free of charge.

My Favorite Workout Clothes from Lululemon

Tomorrow, I will be trying a Masters swim workout with my swimmer husband. I have been teaching swim lessons for years and am excited to try this new workout. I wish I had been a swimmer growing up, but I choose to play volleyball instead. What do you all like to do to workout and be active??

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  1. Gosh I miss you motivating me! I'm going to have to have a written out plan for myself. I have found that when I make lists, I am 75% more likely to do something.

    I feel like I should have picked Softball over Volleyball when I was in High School (since we could only play one) and then maybe I would have had a chance of continuing to be active after moving in the 10th grade!