Sunday, December 30, 2012

Traveling, the Freedom Trail, and Louisville Basketball

Hello readers,

I am back from visiting my family in Louisville. I had such a good time!!

My Dad, sister Caroline, me, and my husband
It was snowing as I was boarding my plane (with a certain Kentucky United States Senator two rows in front of me) to Baltimore. Yesterday, my husband and I went to downtown Boston to finish the Freedom Trail that we had started, but not finished in September. Since I am an American History junkie, I couldn't wait to head over to the Paul Revere house.

It was snowing as we were leaving the Paul Revere House!!
The Paul Revere House is the remaining house in downtown Boston from the American Revolution era. I was astonished at how big the house was from the inside. Alas, I couldn't take pictures from the inside, but the museum house exhibited many of Paul Revere's personal items that I thought were pretty cool.

Since the University of Louisville played the University of Kentucky in basketball yesterday, my husband and I decided to find a bar off Quincy Market to watch the game. (We also enjoy the farmers market downtown.) On the way there, we stopped at Faneuil Hall, which was a sight.

Fun Fact: Sen. Kerry conceded from the 2004 Presidential Election here. 
Faneuil Hall was a marketplace and meeting hall before the American Revolution where the whistlers of American independence started. Many prominent Revolutionaries, such as Samuel Adams, spoke there when it was used as a meeting hall until the British occupation of Boston during the War for Independence when the British converted it into a theater.

Statue of Samuel Adams in front of Faneuil Hall
The husband and I watched my Louisville Cardinals defeat the Kentucky Wildcats off Quincy Market right before the snow headed in, but I woke up to snow in Marblehead before going to work this morning.

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