Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Winter Storms and Fitness Goals Update

Hello my lovelies,

Winter Storm Janus has thrown a wrench into my schedule. I work in the afternoons and prefer to work out in the morning, but unfortunately, I will have to push that back to this afternoon before I start work. I am a stickler to my schedule, but instead of digging my car out of the snow super early this morning, I decided to take it easy and enjoy being stuck due to the weather. Therefore, I got some very important shopping done, gave myself a fresh manicure, and am currently marathoning Parks and Recreation. 

Hurry up, ladies. J.Crew is currently offering 40% off sale and free shipping. Although I am pretty sure I purchased the last Fluted skirt in Poppy, there are other great pieces on sale and you can't beat free shipping. Treat yo self.

Update on my fitness goals: it's official. Kaitlin is back being obsessed with running. I took a few years and feel refreshed. Since I am currently stuck to running on a treadmill due, I beat getting bored by downloading new episodes on to my iPad to watch during my runs and speed intervals (be careful to maintain proper running form while doing this). 

Also, remember that it is also very important to properly hydrate before and after being active!!


  1. Loved your post! Hope you are staying warm :)

  2. Is running all you do for cardio workouts? Try stair training and cycling to tone you lower body and burn 300 – 700 calories. Just don’t overdo it, as that might result to slower metabolism. Cheers to being fit and healthy! =) Nick Osborne @