Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pardon My French

I have to admit something I find very embarrassing: I believe I have lost my French fluency. After taking twelve years of French in school and one year in college, I was conversationally fluent to the point where I could think in the language. Yet, over the years since graduating college, I have not been challenged to keep my fluency. My husband took Spanish, which in a completely snobbish way, I was never allowed to learn by my Cajun mother and grandmother. 

About two weeks ago, my best friend Lauren suggested I download an App called Duolingo to help regain my French fluency. Duolingo is a very easy to use App that employs both grammatical and conversational exercises to learn a language of choice. Over the course of completing a few exercises, I realized that lost that much fluency as I haven't been challenged. I recommended it for people who want to practice their language skills in about five minutes a day. That's really all you need.

Meanwhile, I am loving all the shirts and sweatshirts with French phrases on them. Just remember, it's not "trés chic" to Instagram yourself in one of these shirts with coffee and macaroons unless you can back it "en français, s'il vous plaît." 

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  1. I have a Cajun grandmother too and an aunt who lived in Paris for 5 years. I took one year of French in high school before having to switch to Spanish after moving to a school that had no French program. I really loved it and would even dream in French on occasion. I regret not taking a class in college, but I keep saying I want to get the Rosetta Stone to learn again
    From Mississippi With Love