Monday, December 29, 2014

Lilly Pulitzer New Arrivals

So a few years ago, I was really disappointed in Lilly Pulitzer. When the Delia style was first introduced, I refused to buy it and many dresses from the Summer of 2013. What happened to the Worth shift? Is "this" the collections that would follow up the famous Lilly Originals and Jubilee Collections? I wrote an email begging the Pink Palace to reintroduce the Classic Shift and return our beloved lively prints...and I believe they heard me and many others that I know emailed their concerns for the brand.

Last year, the Pink Palace lengthened the Delia style for a more modest fit and introduced the Liz shift, which I bought in two prints, but after seeing preliminary pictures of the Spring collection back in October, I am glad Lilly is going back to its roots in its style of prints and styles of dresses. I am definitely buying that Jesse Skort Romper and the new Casey (old Liz) shift!!

What are your favorites from the new arrivals?

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