Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back to School

Okay...let me tell you a little secret...I really want to be back in school. I am the first one to admit that I am pretty jealous of everyone going back to school, going through recruitment, and preparing for a Fall of football tailgating (GO CARDS!!). A former History major, I used to loooooove to write papers and research historical events. I wish everyone luck as they start their Fall semesters while here is my list of items that should be on everyone's school list:
Back to School

ONE || Chacos are pretty much my favorite sandal ever...yes, they are pretty granola crunchy, but I found them to be more supportive and durable than the traditional Rainbows a lot of girls wear. Listen to the Conservative Prep, buy the Chacos.

TWO || Find a good umbrella that will cover both you and your backpack. I have seen too many girls wear cute outfits to class on rainy days just to get completely soaked with their dinky $10 umbrella from Walgreens. Save yourself the trouble, buy a hair mask with that $10 at Walgreens, and go to Dicks Sporting Goods or anywhere that sells Vera Bradley and buy a golf umbrella.

THREE || I don't feel like I need to discuss how awesome Emi-Jay hair ties are...they just are needed for late-night study sessions or for intense intramural basketball/volleyball/floor hockey games.

FOUR || I am a Patagonia person married to a North Face person...somehow, our relationship works, but let me rave how much I love Patagonia pullovers. The nickel one shown above matched with some Lululemon Groove pants or black leggings would be really cute for cool nights walking back your dorms/sorority house from the library. I found my Patagonia pullover on eBay because I like the old vintage colors.

FIVE || I remember my first thunder storm during college...then I went directly to J.Crew to buy some old Wellies. In high school, I was not allowed to wear rain boots due to our strict dress code, but in college, I wore them on rain days and to muddy football games. Invest in some Hunter my Smoky color ones.

SIX || Planners are very important in college. I lost mine for two days sophomore year and I was lost for a long time. Lilly Pulitzer made one in Tusk in the Sun and I suggest that all my conservative friends buy that one.

SEVEN || I have to admit that I had a hard time finding a suitable backpack/tote bag during my college days. I usually interchanged my Longchamp Le Pliage and L.L. Bean lime green backpack (from the sixth grade...that's how durable they are). My sister Caroline used one from North Face (I'm surrounded by North Face people.) and she loved it. The North Face is currently offering free shipping on their backpacks.

EIGHT || I am picky about pens...and USB ports. I like pens that are .05 width. Therefore, my pen case was filled with Pilot Precise V5 and Le Pens. The boutique at Design Darling offers the Periwinkle ones, a personal favorite. As for USBs, Lilly and Kate Spade offers some really cute ones that can attached to keychains.

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