Sunday, August 18, 2013

My Tips for the Endless Summer Sale


All of my fellow Lilly lovers know what tomorrow brings: the glorious Endless Summer Sale. In the last few years, the ESS has become a tangle of Lilly lovers breaking down the cyber doors of the website to purchase our beloved Lillys at a discounted rate. I am all for a good deal on Lilly, but some people need to be realistic. There is truly no need to be a poor customer to Lilly. This sale is huge and the people who work there try their best to cater to our needs.

In order to be a good customer, here a few of my tips for the Endless Summer Sale:

ONE // Make an account with The Lilly blog suggests to do this as well, but I feel like I need to reiterate this. It makes checkout so much more quicker and less of a hassle.

TWO // Research the Resort, Spring, and Summer Lilly collections. I find it easier to know what you want beforehand and search it to see if its on sale. I personally want the Didi dress in Multi Pansey Dance and the Foley Dress for a dress rehearsal in October.

THREE // This might be why the Lilly website typically crashes during the sale, but I suggest getting on and getting what you want immediately when the sale opens at 8am. If you have trouble checking out due to the traffic on the site, use the phone number to call and put your order (with product numbers) in that way. The calls people are always super nice.

Always remember to be classy during this sale. When the site has high traffic, the Pink Palace usually puts a post on Facebook about it. I hate seeing people post something negative about site problems. Be postive and do a little more work to get something you will love.

I hope everyone has a happy shopping day tomorrow!! Let's boost the economy a little bit, my fellow Lilly lovers.

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