Sunday, December 30, 2012

Traveling, the Freedom Trail, and Louisville Basketball

Hello readers,

I am back from visiting my family in Louisville. I had such a good time!!

My Dad, sister Caroline, me, and my husband
It was snowing as I was boarding my plane (with a certain Kentucky United States Senator two rows in front of me) to Baltimore. Yesterday, my husband and I went to downtown Boston to finish the Freedom Trail that we had started, but not finished in September. Since I am an American History junkie, I couldn't wait to head over to the Paul Revere house.

It was snowing as we were leaving the Paul Revere House!!
The Paul Revere House is the remaining house in downtown Boston from the American Revolution era. I was astonished at how big the house was from the inside. Alas, I couldn't take pictures from the inside, but the museum house exhibited many of Paul Revere's personal items that I thought were pretty cool.

Since the University of Louisville played the University of Kentucky in basketball yesterday, my husband and I decided to find a bar off Quincy Market to watch the game. (We also enjoy the farmers market downtown.) On the way there, we stopped at Faneuil Hall, which was a sight.

Fun Fact: Sen. Kerry conceded from the 2004 Presidential Election here. 
Faneuil Hall was a marketplace and meeting hall before the American Revolution where the whistlers of American independence started. Many prominent Revolutionaries, such as Samuel Adams, spoke there when it was used as a meeting hall until the British occupation of Boston during the War for Independence when the British converted it into a theater.

Statue of Samuel Adams in front of Faneuil Hall
The husband and I watched my Louisville Cardinals defeat the Kentucky Wildcats off Quincy Market right before the snow headed in, but I woke up to snow in Marblehead before going to work this morning.

Until next time,

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

I'm sorry, my lovely readers!! The last two weeks have been incredibly busy. The hubby and I had company in town and have been getting to fly back to Louisville for the Holidays. We got in town on Friday and I immediately felt sick. (A sick baby was two rows in front of us.) I met up with some of my grade school friends, including my best friend from Insane Drivel, at my favorite Mexican Restaurant El Nopal. I got visit all my old coworkers at Blairwood on Saturday and even open the pool on Sunday. On Sunday afternoon, my Mom, husband, and I went up to Cincy to visit my sister and go outlet shopping to pick up any remaining gift, which also included my new Birthday Kate Spade purse.

The hubby and I visited with my family on Christmas Eve and morning. I had a very J.Crew and Madewell Christmas from my sister and parents. I was so excited to get the short J.Crew Booker boots (currently sold out) and the Madewell Sweatshirt Dress.

We did Christmas in halves and celebrated with my husband's family in the afternoon. I made out like a bandit there too. I have been wanting to get my own TRX for a while so I can do some workouts at home. I received some comfortable Tory Burch sneaker flats from Santa as well, but the one of the best gifts I received was the book Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power. I can't wait to dive into this book!!

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday filled with love and joy!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Hello my lovely readers,

Isn't there one part of the day that everyone looks forward to?? It could be reading a book, enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, or watching your favorite T.V. shows. My favorite part of the day is when I exercise. I try to do something active every single day whether it be as intense as a Spinning class or relaxing as yoga/Pilates. Today, my workout will start with Spinning. I looooooove Spinning. I began Spinning my junior year of high school and have been doing it at least four times a week since. I have recently become an instructor and recommend it for people who want a low impact form of cardio that will not put a lot of stress on the knees.

 Feeling the burn after a great spin class...but this is bad posture on the bike.

The next part of my workout is weights. I tend to do upper body and lower body on separate days. In order  of keep my metabolism revved up, it's important for me to lift on a regular basis, but also, take rest days so my muscles can recover. My favorite workout clothes come from lululemon. Lululemon makes stylish workout clothes that accentuate one's figure instead of hiding in baggy sweatpants and shirts. Also, if a seam comes loose on the article of clothing or their pants need to be hemmed, lululemon will replace or hem free of charge.

My Favorite Workout Clothes from Lululemon

Tomorrow, I will be trying a Masters swim workout with my swimmer husband. I have been teaching swim lessons for years and am excited to try this new workout. I wish I had been a swimmer growing up, but I choose to play volleyball instead. What do you all like to do to workout and be active??

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Congrats to Prince William and Duchess Kate!!

I think a congratulations is in order to Prince William and his wife Duchess Kate as they go into the next phase of their marriage as expecting parents. Kate Middleton has become a role model to women around the world that hold themselves to a higher standard. In a world where Kardashian misbehavior is celebrated, Kate Middleton shows a new level of poise and class. If she were going Greek, we all know she would exemplify the Kappa Delta open motto by striving for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest!! Again, congratulations to the royal couple.

I hope they have a girl who will the future Queen of the United Kingdom one day!!

Alls Well That Is Madewell

My sister got a job at Madewell and I've recently become obsessed with the brand. Madewell is like the cool, younger version of J.Crew, who also owns the brand. Madewell specializes in denim, which I have always had problem wearing. I am so tall that jeans can fit short on me, but Madewell and J.Crew offer shorter and longer lengths for pants and denim.

Alls Well That Is Madewell

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Conservative Prep's Gift Guide

The Conservative Prep's Gift Guide

Here is my gift guide for the Holidays. While some items are bigger presents, I made sure to add some stocking stuffers or small gifts for friends.

1. Lilly Pulitzer Sorority: I am an alum of Kappa Delta Sorority and still buy the Lilly Pulitzer Sorority items because I will be a proud member of my sorority forever. Lilly added some new great stocking stuffers with the bracelet, dry erase board (perfect for undergrads), and iPhone cover.

2. OPI Nail Polish: OPI makes my favorite nail polish. I have never had any problems with it as I do not like transparent colors, which OPI does not produce very often. I am obsessed with the dark tones of the new Skyfall Collection for the holidays.

3: Kate Spade Jewelry: Kate Spade jewelry is a classic gift for a preppy girl who needs to add some glamour to their wardrobe. The bow pearl earrings above are my favorite earrings to wear on a Saturday night date with my husband. Kate Spade makes holiday-inspired jewelry that doesn't look like it should matched an ugly Christmas sweater.

4. Anything from Vineyard Vines: Vineyard Vines makes quality clothes. When I buy their tote bags, they last for years. I used one throughout my sophomore year of college as my book bag. Now, the company has started to make sorority products, Tumbler glasses, and other small stocking stuffers, but leave the Shep Shirts for your main list for Santa. Use the coupon code "jingle" for free shipping!!

5. Patagonia Vest: Since I now live on the North Shore, the wind coming the coast really bites through clothes regardless of how many layers I wear. The Patagonia Women's Retro-X Vest is on my Christmas List because once the weather turns extreme on the coast, I can't wait to cut down the wind with this vest.

6. Smathers and Branson needlepoint for the guys: my husband loves his Smathers and Branson SEC needlepoint belt. He refuses to get the new one with the teams that the SEC added. Smathers and Branson makes a variety of gifts for your guys from belts to key fobs to flasks. 

But this pin from Pinterest describes my Christmas List: