Monday, March 24, 2014

Outfits of the Day

I'm not a fan of taking pictures in mirrors. It reminds me of those horrific MySpace profile pictures, so I'd rather just take pictures of my outfits laid out.

Here are mine for the week:

Shirt: J.Crew || Shoes: Bloch (similar) || Sunnies: Warby Parker || Watch: Michele || Ring: David Yurman

Shirt: J.Crew || Skirt: J.Crew || Shoes: Tory Burch (similar) || Sunnies: Warby Parker || Bag: Louis Vuitton

Sweatshirt: J.Crew || Denim: J.Crew || Sneakers: New Balance Alpine 574 || Watch: Michele || Jewelry: David Yurman

Shirt: J.Crew || Skirt: J.Crew || Flats: E. Porselli || Watch: Fossil || Sunnies: Prada

Review: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Who doesn't love Wes Anderson?? Seriously...let's be honest. When I was back in high school, a cross country friend of mine suggested the film Rushmore to me as it depicted a precocious Max Fischer as he navigated through extracurriculars and relationships while letting his schoolwork fall to the wayside. After finishing Rushmore, I was hooked on Wes Anderson.

The Life Aquatic, The Royal Tennenbaums, and Moonrise Kingdom are my most viewed DVDs and I cannot tell you how many times I made the kids I used to nanny watch The Fantastic Mr. Fox, but after heading downtown to Boston to see The Grand Budapest Hotel, Wes Anderson has topped himself. I have never laughed so hard during an Anderson movie in my life and my husband even enjoyed it. This fast-paced adventure follows a hotel concierge and his lobby boy as they try to prove the innocence of the concierge in the murder of his former lover.

I hope this movie does well during the next awards season. Ralph Fiennes brought a certain finesse to the character M. Gustave H., but Adrien Brody stole every scene he appeared in as the villain Dmitri. I recommend this film as a great date night movie as opposed to the cliché romance films.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Step Into Spring

I'm seriously tired of wearing boots. Cold mornings sometimes still call for them, but I've been able to wear flats for the last weeks!! Can summer hurry up already??

A few of my favorites for Spring:

Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Five

1. Lilly Pulitzer Spring 2014

Oh Ladies of the Pink Palace, do you know what you do to my heart and bank account? I'm obsessing over the new dresses and prints, but unfortunately, I am saving up for a new pair of E. Porselli flats. My only reprieve about the new arrivals is that I do not see a revival of the original classic shift design.

2. Half-Marathon Training

I have always been interested in minimal/barefoot running since I read an article years ago from a tall height runner like myself with knee issues take up minimal running after he read and researched a couple of South American tribes that still practice barefoot running today. Research shows that barefoot running helps keep a person in their own proper alignment as everyone is built differently, so I bought a pair of Vibram Bikila FiveFingers to try it out. I was worried about potential pain, but the exact opposite helped. Hint: take it slow and get used to the shoes. If you can only last five minutes in them, then only wear them for five minutes.

3. March Madness Update

My Cardiac Louisville Cards won thanks to powerhouse Montrezl Harrell and Cool-Hand Luke Hancock...wore the accessories I that I had on during the 2013 Championship game plus my red and black E. Porselli. New superstitions arising...

4. Sporty Trend

I am trying the sporty trend because I consider myself "athletic" and it is super comfy.

5. Smoothie Recipes

Does anyone have any good smoothie recipes they want to share? I like to enjoy them after a workout.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

J. Crew April New Arrivals

Can we talk about the amazing-ness the are the new April arrivals at J. Crew? I started shopping at J. Crew my junior year of high school as American Eagle wasn't doing it for me anymore. When I started shopping there, J. Crew offered a large selection of casual prep wardrobe selections. I still have many dress that I still wear and refuse to give anyway.

With April's new arrivals, J. Crew has returned to its old glory days of bright "go to hell" colors and fabrics. I'm currently obsessing over these items (All photos belong to J.Crew):

I want to head down to Fenway in this for a Red Sox game.
Great A-line dress for a date night!!
For all my fellow private school preps who can't part with tradition.
With dressy black shorts and pumps, this shirt can be a new kind of formal.
The perfect length for a spring skirt.
Counting down the days until I'm on the beaches of the Cape and Nantucket...
All J. Crew needs to do is bring back its Repp stripe headbands. Jenna Lyons, please head my words.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March Madness

March is one of my favorite times of the year...Spring has started (cough not really cough) and so has the most important part of collegiate basketball. As a native of Kentucky, March Madness has always been serious business for myself and my family. My grandmother was a die-hard member of the Big Blue Nation of the University of Kentucky and once told my mother she couldn't talk on the phone for two weeks because "her team was playing." I once cheered for Kentucky in basketball back when the program had respect, but alas, as with anyone with a penchant for common sense and a need for intellectual thought in the state of Kentucky, I went to the University of Louisville. All Hail.

The Athletic Department of my Louisville Cardinals has come a long way since I began my college career. I remember how excited I was when I purchased both football (We won't talk about the Kragthrope days.) and basketball season tickets with my best friend and roommate, Lauren. My die-hard love for Cardinal Athletics grew over the years. Under the leadership of Rick Pitino, our basketball program has grown into a respected national powerhouse. When Louisville made the Final Four two years ago in New Orleans, I wasn't able to go due to pre-existing responsibilities, but last year, my husband surprised me with a trip to see both the Final Four and Championship games as Louisville became the 2013 National Champions.

Bad qualiity...I know. I didn't have my camera yet.
As for this season, I will describe it as a tough road: a new conference as a in-between until UofL moves to the ACC, the removal of Chane Behanan, and an early loss to that team in Lexington (it's always hard to play at Rupp Area), but the second half of the season showed new promise as I was consoling my husband after Alabama's loss in the Sugar Bowl. My Cardinals ended the season with one confusing loss to me, but entered postseason play strong and determined. This determination helped snag Louisville's one and only American Athletic Conference championship.

On Selection Sunday, many of my Facebook friends were surprised and disgruntled at Louisville being a fourth seed coming out of the Midwest, but honestly, I am not worried about it. Let the usual commentators underestimate us again. Let the commentators disrespect us again. Let the usual fans of our rivals belittle us with untrue statements about our great university, but one thing is for certain: we are damn good at rising to the occasion during tournament play. 

(USA Today Sports photo)
Welcome to March Madness. All Hail.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Little Luxuries: E. Porselli

I am going to admit something: I do not find high heels sexy. There is something about being completely, quietly comfortable that I find sexy and heels are not comfortable to me. Other than destroying the bones in my feet, walking in heels is a time I do not look forward to. When I finally find the time to flip through a few fashion magazines, I am always drawn to ballet flats due to the relaxed look on the models' faces.

Last night, I was on a long Pinterest binge after the UofL game when I came across two pictures of my favorite style icons: Audrey Hepburn and Brigette Bardot. Both of these women shown in the spotlight during a time when heels were low and men were won over with more personality, which I admire.

Brigette Bardot's famous love of Repetto lead to the creation of the Cendrillon ballet flat...must try one day.

Being 5'11", heels just do not do anything for me except make me the tallest women in most rooms. While I do possess a certain amount of "tall girl confidence", I just do not like how heels look on me. This winter, I purchased a pair of my first E. Porselli flats from J.Crew and cannot love them more than I already do. Out of all of the flats I have ever purchased, these are the most comfortable flats I have ever worn. The first feature I would like to point out in this luxurious flat is the all leather bottom that is nailed in. Second, the toe box is not completely round and longer. As I have long skinny feet, the oblong toe box makes these fit like socks. I hope to keep these flats for a long time and will have to find a trusted cobbler in Boston to maintain their condition.

Long blog post about a pair of ballet flats, but I cannot rave about these little luxuries enough. I am already scoping out my next pair...I'm thinking black suede.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Take Me Back to ACK

As I write this blog post, the North Shore of Boston is getting snow again...ugggggh, I'm tired of this, but I can't wait for June when my Momma and sister come to visit. Besides missing them terribly, I can't wait for Caroline and I to complete our first half-marathon and then vacay on Cape Cod/Nantucket. I sometimes like snow, but please take me back to summer on ACK.