Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Eye Issues

Doesn't everyone love a new pair of glasses?? Whether it be regular prescription glasses or sunglasses, I love how glasses can play up a new outfit. As for prescription glasses, I have a pair of Ray-Ban New Wayferers in tortoise. I personally wanted the old school Wayferers because I like the structured look of them, but my husband said I looked like a huge dork in them. (Thank you, my lovely husband.) 

About two years, I had a serious eye injury where I had to purchase prescription sunglasses as I could not wear my contacts for two weeks. Unfortunately, my last optometrist did not correct my Rx sunglasses for my astigmatism and I got headaches while wearing them. I recently decided that I needed a new pair, but did not want to pay $250+ out of pocket. While reading other blogs, I discovered Warby Parker with their large selection of glasses and sunglasses that range from $100 to $250 including the prescription lenses. I hopped on a train immediately to head down to their Newbury Street store to try on and purchase a pair. I was shocked at how simple and easy the process to buy a new pair was.

The prescription sunglasses I chose are the Reilly in Marzipan Tortoise because I like that the glasses cover a significant portion of my face. I have a true affinity for large sunglasses. I think my next pair of regular Rx glasses will have to be the Marcel or Winston. If you do not live in a city with a Warby Parker store, then you have the option of getting five pairs of your choosing sent to you to try out for a week and the order a pair for yourself. You can't beat $100 for a pair of glasses. A few of my favorites that I have tried on:

Pardon My French

I have to admit something I find very embarrassing: I believe I have lost my French fluency. After taking twelve years of French in school and one year in college, I was conversationally fluent to the point where I could think in the language. Yet, over the years since graduating college, I have not been challenged to keep my fluency. My husband took Spanish, which in a completely snobbish way, I was never allowed to learn by my Cajun mother and grandmother. 

About two weeks ago, my best friend Lauren suggested I download an App called Duolingo to help regain my French fluency. Duolingo is a very easy to use App that employs both grammatical and conversational exercises to learn a language of choice. Over the course of completing a few exercises, I realized that lost that much fluency as I haven't been challenged. I recommended it for people who want to practice their language skills in about five minutes a day. That's really all you need.

Meanwhile, I am loving all the shirts and sweatshirts with French phrases on them. Just remember, it's not "trés chic" to Instagram yourself in one of these shirts with coffee and macaroons unless you can back it "en français, s'il vous plaît." 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lilly Pulitzer Spring 2014

Massachusetts is currently getting another snow storm...yay for another five to eight inches. While I am waiting to be called off from work and pulling out my tall L.L. Bean Maine Hunting boots, I decided to browse through the Spring 2014 collection for Lilly Pulitzer. For the past two years, I have been slightly disappointed the majority of what Lilly Pulitzer had to offer. Being a huge fan of the old style shift, I have been rummaging through eBay and Re-Lilly on Facebook for any of the shifts made from 2000-2010 and the Lilly Originals Collection (Anyone have the Lilly Originals Worth or Bel Air shift in Stuffed Shells size 8 they are willing to sell me?? I'll pay top dollar.) My personal collection from that time period is almost complete with a few favorites from the past three years that are not too revealing or too bright. Lilly is supposed to be bright, but I am not supposed to worry about the hemline being too short, which has been shortening in the last few years.

When I went home to Louisville for Christmas, I stopped by my trusted Lilly store, the Peppermint Palm, and immediately asked for the "Book", which contains the next season's collection. The new store girl who I did not recognize knew what I was talking about as I have a loyal customer of The Peppermint Palm since high school. As I was flipping through the Book, I was pleasantly surprised that Lilly Pulitzer is finally heading back towards the basics, such as their classic prints and dress styles. Although I am not a huge fan of the Delia style (I was the designer would rise the dip in the back.), I am dying over the Bright Navy Fountain Hopping print in general.

Here are a few of my favorites and hope that Lilly puts out many more similar classic styles:

What are your favorite pieces from the Lilly Spring 2014 collection?