Friday, July 12, 2013

Being More Adventurous

Since I moved to Massachusetts, I have become more adventurous. Back in my Kentucky days, I would definitely say that I was a more cautious person that did not take a lot of risks. I      studied in college rather than partying too much and worked to keep myself busy (and fund my closet...but that's a different story). I wanted to explore New England the second I moved into my new apartment. My husband and I began exploring the different historical places of Boston and the surrounding towns, but being the very active person I am, I needed a challenge. I have found that challenge in horseback riding lessons.

Growing up, members of my family owned horses on our historic family farm, but since I lived in Louisville almost and hour and a half away, I never took lessons except for maybe two times with a friend. When I moved to the North Shore, I needed a physical challenge. I decided to start riding lessons over tennis lessons and I am sooooooooo happy with my choice. Riding is quite fun and I've only just started.

As I have been getting into riding lessons, I have been adoring all equestrian themed items that have crossed my path...I am crushing on those Aigle riding boots and they're going to be added to me Wish List for sure.

Riding Lessons

What fun activities do y'all do to challenge yourself??

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  1. I took riding lessons for years and absolutely loved it. I'm hoping to get back in the saddle at some point! I would also love to take up tennis and maybe improve my golf game. Can't wait to read more about how your lessons are going!