Monday, March 24, 2014

Review: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Who doesn't love Wes Anderson?? Seriously...let's be honest. When I was back in high school, a cross country friend of mine suggested the film Rushmore to me as it depicted a precocious Max Fischer as he navigated through extracurriculars and relationships while letting his schoolwork fall to the wayside. After finishing Rushmore, I was hooked on Wes Anderson.

The Life Aquatic, The Royal Tennenbaums, and Moonrise Kingdom are my most viewed DVDs and I cannot tell you how many times I made the kids I used to nanny watch The Fantastic Mr. Fox, but after heading downtown to Boston to see The Grand Budapest Hotel, Wes Anderson has topped himself. I have never laughed so hard during an Anderson movie in my life and my husband even enjoyed it. This fast-paced adventure follows a hotel concierge and his lobby boy as they try to prove the innocence of the concierge in the murder of his former lover.

I hope this movie does well during the next awards season. Ralph Fiennes brought a certain finesse to the character M. Gustave H., but Adrien Brody stole every scene he appeared in as the villain Dmitri. I recommend this film as a great date night movie as opposed to the cliché romance films.

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