Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Beauty Favorites

Summer is over...Lillys, seersucker, and white pants are put away to be replaced by flannel, tartan, and boots. My accessories evolve from Iced Coffee from Starbucks (Venti, no syrup, and extra room for half and half...I like cafe au lait, okay.) to a grande Blonde roast, wicker clutches to Boat and Totes, and Navajo sandals to Bean boots/riding boots. My skincare routine also changes with the seasons. As I came to learn last year, autumn/winter are the driest months for my skin and Farmer's Almanac is predicting a chilly New England winter. I hopped right over to Sephora for help and found the Josie Maran Argan oil line. I admit that Sephora is one of my downfalls. VIB Rouge status is only $330 away and I need a new hair dryer. Alas, here are a few of my beauty favorites.

Beauty Favorites

ONE || I bought this Givenchy Ombre à Fleur de Peau cream eye shadow when I was at Disney World in the Givenchy Epcot store. I like that it is very no fuss and can be applied with my fingers. I do not like a lot of eye makeup because I prefer a more fresh faced look, so I rarely wear eye shadow during the day and love this one for night.

TWO || Why would you put sunglasses under a beauty favorite, Kaitlin? Two reasons: 1.) Wearing sunglasses protects your eyes/eye area from UV light. 2.) Sunglasses also prevents you from squinting and developing early crow's feet. No wrinkles make me very happy.

THREE || Nars blush in Orgasm aka the most perfect, universal blush shade that looks amazing on almost everyone. I have tried drugstore brand blushes and just didn't last or look right. Do yourself a favor, go to Sephora, and buy this blush. You'll thank me later.

FOUR || I have tried a lot of mascaras in my time. Givenchy Phenomen Eyes has to be my favorite for everyday use. The ball-shape brush makes this mascara easy to apply in hard area like the corners of the eyes. 

FIVE || If I could scream from the mountain tops about this Josie Maran Infinity Intense Cream, I totally would. I teach swim lessons. Dry skin due to chlorine and the dry, winter weather of New England wreaked havoc on my skin. This cream, which can be used for variety of ways, was the best night cream for me last winter. 

SIX || Caudalie uses antioxidant grape-seed polyphenols in their French-based skincare products. I love this lip balm because it provides a natural way to hydrate and protect my pucker.

SEVEN || I use Josie Maran's Organic Argan Oil on cuticles, my hair, and even use it instead of an eye cream in the winter. I can not get enough of this stuff.

EIGHT || I have written about sun protection before. I am so happy about baseball caps being "in style" because I regularly wear to shield my face from the sun, but I rarely leave the apartment without Shiseido's Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 50+ on my face and neck. Beauty tip: Always apply the same sunblock to neck as you do your face. Same goes for night creams/moisturizers and such.

What are your beauty favorites??

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