Wednesday, September 11, 2013

On This September 11th Morning

I remember in great detail the morning of September 11th. My seventh grade music class was interrupted with the news of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centers in New York. Our class watched American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon. As a twelve year old, I do not remember being so confused and scared in my life, but something happened to all Americans on that fateful day. Instead of wallowing in defeat and being paralyzed by the tragedy, we all came to together regardless of political party in support of the victims, New York City, and the President.

In the year after 9/11, my sister and I used to count the American flags on the houses of our neighborhood as we drove to and from school. Finding a house that did not fly Old Glory was rare. I wish more people would be proud to fly our flag outside their house.

On this September 11th morning, let us remember the tragedy that took many innocent victims, the bravery of all rescuers, and our country uniting as one in support of one another. 

September 11th. Never Forget.

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