Thursday, September 5, 2013

J. Crew: Back to Basics

Raise your hand if you are obsessed with BuzzFeed...if you are not, jump on that train because sometimes you need a little humor to your daily news. About a month ago, I was going through BuzzFeed and I came across this article: Is J.Crew Going Back to its Roots? I started buying J.Crew back in high school when I decided I needed to make my wardrobe more mature. While some preppies can disagree with me, J.Crew made great basics back in the day (2007ish)...and then Jenna Lyons became J.Crew's Creative Director. I seriously did not spend more than $200 a year at a J.Crew store and raced to the outlets for basics. Want to know some of the things I miss most from the old J.Crew? Their riding boots, wide silk/Repp tie headbands, and cable cardigans. 

When I read the BuzzFeed article, I did a mini victory dance. I quickly rerouted to the original article at How to Get J. Crew CEO Mickey Drexler On the Phone. A women expressed her concern about the styling of J.Crew for the everyday women through her husband and CEO Mickey Drexler listened. Therefore, the "over-glamification" of the styling is gone from this Fall's catalouge. 

Here are some of my current favorites from J.Crew:

J. Crew: Back to Basics

I always support a little sparkle, but do not go overboard.
I adore the jewel detail of the Tilda shirt. Make sure to grab before they sell out!!
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