Friday, September 27, 2013

Hair Repair

I love to swim and work out, but with exercising, I have come to the recent realization that constant shampooing of my hair is hindering its growth and volume. I have always had long hair. I think I cut it short (for my standards and right below my shoulder) once in college. While I want to try different hair growth techniques, I believe I need to start properly conditioning my hair first. Chlorine is harsh on hair, so I always a wear a swim cap in the pool and put a leave-in conditioner after I drench my hair with clean water. If I am just laying by the pool or at the beach, I put coconut oil on the ends to protect them.

Here are my new favorite hair products:

Hair Repair

On the weekends, I try not to shampoo my hair at all. I have to during the week since I am in the pool so much and chlorine would cause more damage than shampooing. I have also started to comb my hair with a wide tooth comb instead of brush so I am not damaging it which constant brushing. Deep conditioning treatments have also been a part of my routine twice a week since high school.

Do you all have any hair care tips for me?

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