Saturday, October 20, 2012

Elizabeth Warren for Senate and Boot Season

Today, on my day off from work, I was just casually looking up hilarious YouTube videos to pass the time while my husband was getting a haircut. (He has to keep up those Bama Bangs/Frat Swoop. ) The amount of ads YouTube has started to play before videos has gotten annoying and unnecessary, but especially today, when I was forced to watch two different Elizabeth Warren for Senate ads multiple times. I have only lived in Massachusetts for about two months...Elizabeth Warren is a Democrat...She lost my vote when it surfaced that Warren had deliberately identified as a minority on employment applications. Therefore, she knew what she was doing and decided to label herself as a minority without any provided documentation. Wow...classy. The Washington Post provides a great article on the controversy: 

On a lighter note, it's autumn in New England, which means IT'S BOOT SEASON!! I remember buying my first pair of J.Crew riding boots five years ago and wore them all through college. Trust me when I say that J.Crew makes quality boots, but for this fall, I choose to introduce a new pair into my closet. I found these Tory Burch Sienna riding boots at one of outlet malls in New York. They are soooooooo comfortable to walk in!!

Outfit of the Day: J.Crew ruffle shirtdress, Tory Burch Sienna riding boots, knee-length eggshell socks, gold watch, and vintage pearl jewelry. The pearl jewelry are prized possessions since the ring was my grandmother's and the single pearl necklace belonged to my Mom before she gave it to me.

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