Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Final Presidential Debate: Attacking me is not an agenda.

Governor Romney and President Obama came together last night for the last presidential debate before the November 6th elections. I had to race to get home to watch the debate live streaming from Fox News. The debate had already been on for 30 minutes when I started watching. Overall, Mitt Romney won the debate because he offered an agenda...Obama seemed to have to hear himself talk about his presidential actions over the last four years in order to validate himself. 

A couple highlights and my opinion on them:

1. "Attacking me is not an agenda.": Governor Romney flat out said that to President Obama. Finally, attack and blame tactics of President Obama are highlighted. Americans want substance from debates, not ridiculous attacks and blaming President Bush. It's over. Americans are finished hearing and accepting that. At some point, reasonable and mature adults look past blame and take care of the problem. Over the last four years, all I've heard from Obama is that he has to take care of a problem because President Bush caused. Just stop already. Accept responsibility for solving the problem, President Obama.

2. "I'm still speaking.": President Obama constant interrupting to attack. It annoyed me on a huge level. The leader of the free world should not have to constantly go on attack when his policies are questioned, but as these debates are the first time Obama has ever had to explain himself and answer hard questions about his policies, I am not surprised.

3. Obama's snarky comments about the Navy and military spending: JUST. PLAIN. DISRESPECTFUL. As President Obama does not come from a military background, he walked into this presidency with little knowledge of the military and its expenditures. Being a Senator for the short amount of time as he was would not make him an expert regardless what anyone will tell you. The armed forces of the United States military deserves the utmost respect. President Obama's comparison of "horses and bayonets" last night was ridiculous and false. Shocker: The Marines still use bayonets. 

Readers, please remember to vote on November 6th. Educate yourselves on the candidates.

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