Friday, October 26, 2012

Gearing Up for Winter

Hello my amazing readers,

Since I moved to Massachusetts, people around here have been telling to get ready for winter with warm coats, a good solid pair of boots, wellies, thick socks, and a snow shovel. Kentucky's winter weather is no where near the level of New England's. It will take a while to get used to the snow. My husband and I were eating dinner in a Salem restaurant when the waiter described the weather of Salem from January to March as "dark and bleak"...Might need to buy some Vitamin D to boost my mood during those months, but as I moved up to Massachusetts, I stopped at all the outlet malls I could to add to my wardrobe "winter-friendly"  attire. 

The first new addition to my closet was my new Burberry Brit trench coat. The coat was probably the best deal I have ever found on one of my outlet shopping adventures. I needed a new rain coat/winter coat for some time as I interchanging two wool J.Crew coat that would soak up water when it rained. Now, I can put those J.Crew coats away until it snows and use the Burberry one for rain!!

Next, I recently bought a pair of 100th Anniversary L.L. Bean Maine Hunting boots. I have worn them twice already even though the temperature outside has been a steady 60 degrees. If you are interested in purchasing duck boots from L.L. Bean, I suggest going a full size down from your actual shoe size. I wear a size 9.5 or 10, but I bought a size 9. Here is my Outfit of the Day:

I wore one of my favorite J.Crew flannel shirtdresses with my L.L. Bean boots and eggshell knee socks that I scrunched down. My accessories included a crewcuts bow headband, my gold Fossil watch, a leather bow bracelet, and my vintage pearl ring.  When I bought my Bean boots, a package of Sno-Seal came with them. L.L. Bean advised that I coat the boots I bought in Sno-Seal to protect and condition them. I was so happy with the result that started to use the Sno-Seal on my Frye boots. Unfortunately, I ran out of Sno-Seal before I finished, so I bought a bigger can on Amazon to finish the rest of my leather boot collection.

Leave me a comment to tell me what you all have added to your closet to "gear up" for winter and please follow my blog. Don't forget to cast your vote on November 6th!!

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