Wednesday, October 31, 2012

An Inclement Halloween in Salem

Happy Halloween!!

One of the first things people said when I moved to Salem, Massachusetts was that Halloween and the week before was insane...They were right. My husband and I walked a mile into Salem on Saturday afternoon to see the sights, which were the Salem Witch Museum, various cemeteries  and of course, the people in costumes. My favorite costumes were a group of friends that dressed up as the entire faculty of Hogwarts and stayed in character the entire time. Unfortunately, Hurricane Sandy passed through since Saturday. (Please keep all those who were affected in your thoughts.) My husband and I were okay. We live only a mile from the coast in the North Shore, but the South Shore shielded us from most of the storm. Well, since we still are getting rain from Sandy, but going into Salem for Halloween, here is my Halloween costume for tonight:

An Inclement Halloween in Salem

Bardot mini skirt
$93 -

Hunter rubber boots
$135 -

Michele photo jewelry

Givenchy pearl jewelry

Cat Treat Bag
$17 -

Some pictures I took over the last four days:

The Salem Witch Museum: When I was in college, I took a class called Constitutional and Legal History I, which studied the legal history of the United States. We read a book on the Salem Witch Trials and discussed the "spectral evidence" used to condemn many innocent people of being a "witch."

Complete History Nerd Alert: I love a good museum and historical area. That's why I love Massachusetts so much. All historical buildings and places are protected. This house is a reconstruction of the houses in Salem around the time of the Salem Witch Trials.

My husband and I drove around on Monday night when Sandy took a break from hitting so hard. We drove from Nahant to Marblehead to see any damage, but we did not see a lot. I took this picture near a great restaurant in Swampscott.

Remember to vote on November 6th!!

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  1. I never knew Salem had so many corrupt politicians who influenced our country. From Timothy Pickering who wrote the Alien & Sedition Acts to Thomas Perkins and his Opium Trade, America is still feeling their impact in the Patriot Act and our war on drugs. Plus these politicians had a series of smuggling tunnels built to move cargo from the sea to an underground railroad station without paying custom duties. Check out the Salem walking tour called the Salem Tunnel Tour. Visit them at .