Friday, October 19, 2012

Presidential Debate on Tuesday Night

My husband and I watched the Presidential Debate on Tuesday streaming live from Going into the debate, I knew from the get-go that Mitt Romney would have to face a harder political test from President Obama. President Obama's poor debate performance on October 3rd shocked me as he always is a great public speaker, but he had his reasons for the poor performance such as sickness and the debate happened to fall on his wedding anniversary. This time around President Obama provided an energetic performance, but alas, I was disappointed by the lack of agenda for the next for years provided by the President. 

3 Crucial Moments from the Debate:

1. Mitt Romney seating the President as he tried to challenge Governor during his speaking time. This moment set the tone for the rest of the debate for two reasons: 1. Romney sat Obama down like a parent would quiet a complaining child. Obama changed his demeanor for the rest of the debate as the tone in his voice would change when he was criticizing Romney's policies.

2. Candy Crowley: Referee or Moderator?? I am no lover of CNN (with the exception of Anderson Cooper). I respected Candy Crowley's control over the clock during the debate. She utilized her role as moderator very well until the question about Libya came up. She should have never intervened as it was not her place as an supposed unbiased moderator. I highly doubt she had a transcript of Obama's rose garden speech to "fact-check" Governor Romney towards the end of the debate. Therefore, Crowley lost her unbiased control of the debate. I laughed at her backtracking and stating the Governor Romney was actually correct about the timeline of Obama's use of the phrase "terror attack". 

3. Libya: President Obama made two mistakes during this portion of the debate. First, he threw Secretary of State under the bus by announcing that he had asked for more security at the United States embassy in Libya, which the Secretary of State denied. Yes, he took responsibility that night, but I think it's too late to announce that. Second, the first use of the term "terror" in Obama's speeches about the Libya tragedy was in the Rose Garden on September 12th, but he did not use the phrase "acts of terror" to characterize the Benghazi attack as a terrorist attack. Governor Romney had every right to be upset about Obama's manipulation of the phrase.

A complete video of the Second Presidential Debate on October 17th from The New York Times. The New York Times posted this video on YouTube and own the right to it.

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