Friday, November 2, 2012

Living a Colorful Life

Hello my amazing readers,

I am a collector of Lilly Pulitzer dresses...when I used to live with my parents, they would get tired of all the dresses I would buy off of eBay and Re-Lilly. The prints and styles make me happy when I wear them because I like classic, vintage styles. My husband now has an "appreciation" for Lilly since he buys a fair number of dresses from the website and The Peppermint Palm (my favorite Lilly signature store in Louisville). Since I rarely buy full-price for anything, here are a few tips for buying Lilly to start your own collections of dresses:

1. eBay and Re-Lilly: I have bought a lot of my collection off of eBay and Re-Lilly. There are a few sellers that sells Lilly with the tags, but I typically go for the vintage styles since I am obsessed with the classic shift style. Re-Lilly offers a lot of older dresses that have only been worn once. I have the eBay app of my iPhone and have saved the search "Lilly Pulitzer women's shift dress". A lot of the shifts I have bought come from the 2000-2008 years. My husband bought this maxi dress for me as a surprise since it's one of my favorite prints due to the nautilus (for Kappa Delta) on it.

2. Sales: I always go for a bargain. When I go to The Peppermint Palm, I typically shop the sale rack and can't walk out of that store without purchasing something. When the website has a sale, I'm patient. Lilly Pulitzer treats their customers very respectfully. Classy Lilly girls should be patient for beautiful dresses. I bought this dress around Christmas last year while I was still loosing weight for my summer wedding.

3. Splurge when something special comes around: while I am always for a bargain, I do splurge within reason when I find something special, which is what I found in these dresses. I'm not afraid of buying used dresses when the buyers assures you that the dress is in excellent condition and you inspect it when you get it. I return them if they are not in the right condition.

Millionaire's Row Print Shift
Aquamarine In the Slim
Millennium Patch Shift 

I hope my next Lilly is in the "In the Beginning" print. Maybe for Christmas!! Remember to vote on November 6th!! Until next time...

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