Friday, November 9, 2012

For the Love of Headband Headaches

Growing up, I had the most ridiculous looking bangs in the history of anyone's childhood. They were thick, blunt, and gross. I wasn't allowed to grow them out until I asked for it as gift for my ninth birthday.

Yes, that's camo...hunting with my sister in the hat...when I was in the second grade. I look like a dork, but I am not above laughing at myself.  :)  I used to be a major tomboy with very long hair and very thick bangs. When I played sports, I used athletic headbands to keep my bangs out of my face. From then on, my love of headbands began. I have a large collection of headbands that I have amassed over the years. I wore them almost everyday in high school and college.

My favorite headbands are the thicker ones than can keep my long hair back and out of my face. The ones shown below are my favorite thick headbands from Southern Proper, Kiel James Patrick, an old silk tie one from J.Crew (from what I call J.Crew's headband glory days from 2006-2008), and a Burberry Nova check  thick headband. I just got the Kiel James Patrick Dagny Taggart Vickers Leeds headband a few days ago and can't wait to wear it all weekend.

I tend to wear the thinner headbands when I go out or to events because I do not want the headband to be the main fixture of my outfit as much as I want to keep my hair out of my face. J.Crew makes the best tortiouse headbands although I hear people sometimes complain that they stretch out. My solution: take a loose rubber band and put it around the widest part of the headband to tighten its shape.

Although I do not have a cure for headband headaches (taking them off for a few minutes helps), I love them so much!! Until next time, xoxo

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