Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lets All Jump Off The Fiscal Cliff Together

I'll be perfectly honest: I have not been reading up on the oncoming fiscal cliff situation. Yes, I'm a bad political junkie, but hey, I have been working. I feel like working is an honorable excuse, but today, as I was doing a light workout in my apartment, I got distracted by an article published on Politico on Sunday discussing the current status of Congress and the Fiscal Cliff it will face. The article states that Republicans are in a very difficult position during this situation. As the fiscal cliff looms in the distance and the order of sequestration begins, Democrats want to ensure that taxes rise on the wealthy and that there are no cuts to welfare programs. Republicans want lower taxes on the wealthy, so they can spend their money to boost their economy.  I think we all know my opinion on welfare programs as it is better to "give a man a fishing pole, than a fish." Federal government spending has gotten ridiculous on both sides with both the Pentagon and social programs not being able to use a checkbook properly. The Democrats want an agreement on the fiscal cliff on their terms and are willing to wait until the start of a new Congress in January to get their agreement. I am starting to think any attempt at bipartisanship cannot happen if the agreement has to be completely on either party's terms, but Republicans will have to "play nice" as they will be the ultimate losers of the situation as Democrats recently won in the last elections and still retained their majority in the Senate.  While Congress squabbles over things they do not understand or even research, (Come on, politicians do not read bills before they vote on them. They do not have the time.) the American people suffer and make even worse divides down party lines. 

Here is the article I read and referenced by Politico Reporter Seung Min Kim:


Another article about the looming fiscal cliff's effect on holiday consumers by the Associated Press 
on Fox News:


In other news, the looming fiscal cliff did nothing to stop me from single-handily boosting the economy during my outlet mall extravaganza on Sunday. I am proud of my haul. Shoes, a new makeup bag, and a new clutch...I already know I am getting an iPad for Christmas and can't wait to put it in it's Tory Burch case!!

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