Monday, November 5, 2012

The Eve of Election Day

On the eve before Americans to the polls to vote in the Presidential election, for various congressional seats, and state referendums, I am glad to announce my support for Republican candidate Mitt Romney. Right now, I am nervous for tomorrow. I will be voting in my second Presidential election. To me, voting is a sacred duty I am proud to do for the love of my country. I am not the type of person that votes against something or someone. In the last Presidential election, I voted for the McCain/Palin ticket because I liked Senator McCain's views on the economy and did not like the "share the wealth" mentality of the Obama/Biden campaign. Regardless of the financial crisis, we lived in an atmosphere hostile to success and wealth, which I perceived as jealously. 

I started forming my political views in the fifth grade. Yes, my political beliefs developed early in my life. I have always been interested in the study of history, but my political beliefs stem from life experiences. When I was growing up, I was probably the only kid in my class that knew what political parties my parents and grandparents were in. My grandparents were in different political parties. My grandmother was a Democrat while my grandfather was a Republican. In the days of Bill Clinton's Presidency, my grandmother fawned over the President while my grandfather grumbled over his policies, but one memory of my grandparents has stood out to me and helped form my political beliefs. My grandmother told me that those who make more should give back through taxes. I asked my grandfather about what my grandmother had said. He told me that no one should be forced to do anything they don't want to and especially not by the government. He pointed to my heart and said charity comes from there when you're ready to give it. Yes, I was in the fifth grade.

When I was seventeen, I got my first job as a lifeguard. I kept the job throughout my college years and before I moved to Massachusetts. I loved my job, but I didn't love paying so much of my money to taxes to support a system that funded a welfare state, bailouts, failed programs, and a national healthcare system that would suck the federal government dry. I work hard for my money and believe it should not be redistributed to those who do not work or make something of themselves. Since the inauguration of President Obama, the Senate has gone without a budget. A devastating oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico caused Obama to impliment a moratorium on off-shore drilling, Obamacare was shoved through Congress right before Christmas 2009 with a small amount of bipartisanship. Also, the economy still hasn't turned around, which President Obama promised to do in three years or he would be a one-term President. I do not even want to start on the amount of national debt we have now that my children and I will have to see the consequences of. For these reasons, I am voting for Mitt Romney because I see a love and respect for his country that I don't see from President Obama. The United States of America deserves better than this. We deserve a President that understands the relationship between the government and the economy to help make our country a more business-friendly nation through some deregulation. A President that realizes universal healthcare is way too much a burden for a federal government to take on during a recession. We deserve a President that is willing to reach over party lines in the sake of bipartisanship. I believe in what Governor Romney has to say because he has the experience where our current President does not. Mitt Romney asked Americans to vote out of the vote of their country and I cannot wait to cast my vote for him tomorrow morning.

Please do not forget to vote tomorrow!! I will be in downtown Boston tomorrow night cheering on Romney at the Boston Exhibition and Convention Center. I hope I get to shake his hand or take a picture with him!!