Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Review of Tieks by Gavrieli

I have been wanting to buy these flats for a long time. As a girl that has been cursed with being super tall at 5'11", I am on the constant lookout for comfortable flats as I think look funny and awkward in heels. At 6'1", my husband is only two inches taller than me. Now, before anyone moans and groans how I am "complaining" about my statuesque height, why don't you ask yourself how it feels like to be constantly asked to get things down from a tall height? But so it goes...

My husband ordered these flats for me as a gift. Tieks come in a variety of color, but I chose the Metallic Pewter ones to match my daily jewelry choices. The flats are made out of high-grade, durable Italian leather with two "Tiek" blue rubber pad on the bottom of the shoe. Therefore, the flat can be folded up and stored in the provided small nylon pouch to be carries until use. Tieks by Gavrieli gives pant clips to clip up pant hems after the wearer changes out of heels and a bag to store the heels.

The main feature that I love about these shoes even though I have only worn them a small amount of time is that they mold to your feet. I find that most flats are way too stiff, so I end up getting blisters, but not with Tieks. I have been wearing them in by wearing socks, but they form to your feet quickly. I recommend them for people who want a versatile flat that you can wear day-to-night and change into them when their feet hurt after wearing heels. I can't wait to get another pair for birthday soon as I want them in every color!!


  1. Cute! Thanks for the review, I am interested in these as well. Need more flats in my wardrobe!!

  2. Get Tieks!! They are soooooooo comfortable.