Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voting in Massachusetts: Unimpressed

When I got off work this morning, I went to go vote for the first time in the state of Massachusetts. Back in Kentucky, voter registration, finding out where you vote, and the act of voting is very easy and straightforward. I always brought two forms of identification, which wasn't an issue to me. I was very dissatisfied with my voting experience in Massachusetts for two reasons: I wasn't asked to show any form of identification at all and not one at my voting locations could answer directly any questions asked by voters. I understand the people volunteering at the voting locations not knowing any information, but I have a serious problem with not being asked for a form of identification. What if some Joe-Shmoe Illegal Alien decided he was going to assume the identity of a registered voter and voted in their place? I will talk about my views on immigration in another post, but now, I believe every registered voter should have to present some sort of official identification at the polls due to this experience. 

Despite my experience, please go out and vote today!! I proudly cast my vote for Mitt Romney today and can't for the outcome of this election.

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